Xu Xiaodong is a mixed martial artist in communist occupied China (the People’s Republic of China). He practices a combination of striking and grappling arts in full contact competition, and for the past several years has challenged traditional Chinese martial artists (practitioners of kung fu and tai chi quan) in the ring. In every instance he has destroyed the traditional artists with crushing blows in minutes…if not seconds.

Many in the Chinese public, including the all powerful communist government, believed he was “disrespecting” Chinese culture. So, in addition to being forced to pay fines, he has been locked out of public transportation to attend the fights he has set up? How can the government do that? Well, in China the government has instituted “social crediting”. That is, if you obey the government’s decrees and act like a good obedient servant, then your online credit score goes up. If you criticize the government (which Xu has done), then your credit score goes down. And if it goes down, when you go to purchase a ticket at the train station or airport or even try to get in a taxi…you find out that your little credit card is now “invalid”.
Although China still has paper cash, the communist government is accelerating its bid to rid the nation of cash soon.

Xu Xiaodong tried to get to a fight, but because of his social credit rating, instead of it taking him only an hour or two to get to the fight, he was “locked out” of public transportation, and it took him 36 hours to get there. Communist government-controlled search engines have stopped listing him on the Chinese internet. He has been personally visited by the communist police because of his tweets criticizing the government.

Imagine what fun it will be if the US government gets the idea of controlling populations through government controlled “social crediting.” You won’t need to control populations through imprisonment. Just make sure that they don’t have access to transportation, or the internet, or even their jobs….if they don’t “tow the mark” and their social credit rating is low.

Xu Xiaodong knows how it feels.