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  • The End of World War II
  • By Jeff Sanders
  • You know it’s a bad century when people start enumerating world wars. World War II was certainly the worst man made disaster to befall the human race. Some 60 million people perished in six years of fighting. The war ended
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  • Something Very Rotten in Ohio
  • By Dave Zanotti
  • Why would Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros want to write an entire new section in the Ohio Constitution? Why would they be investing millions of dollars in the creation of a ballot issue for the Ohio November ballot? Clue: this
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  • Where is Drudge?
  • By Dave Zanotti
  • It is 8 am the morning after the Tennessee primary election. The Nashville USA Today paper called the upset victory of Bill Lee the biggest Cinderella story in decades. FOX News had the headline up by midnight. The AP covered
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Who We Are

We have studied liberty for a lifetime. The formal organization of the Roundtable was established in 1980. We do the work of public policy as a non-profit, non-partisan mission to America. Our goal is to reach all people with the message of true liberty. We believe in the promise of America as articulated in the Declaration of Independence and established in the Constitution built upon the consent of the governed. We endeavor to help people rediscover the principles upon which that promise stands.

Learning more about how we do this day to day takes some time. We invite you to search through this website as well as our media outreach at to discover more. Please direct your questions here. We welcome your inquiry.