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  • Legislative Alert: Action Needed – OHIO VACCINE BILL
  • May 24, 2021
  • Legislative Alert: Action Needed – OHIO VACCINE BILL Sub. H.B. 248 (underlined language is proposed NEW law) This bill would revise and enact Ohio law to “prohibit mandatory vaccinations and vaccination status disclosures” among other details. Primary sponsor: State Representative
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Weekly Columns

  • Derrick Bell
  • By Jeff Sanders
  • Derrick Bell is often credited as one of the main founders of what is now known as “Critical Race Theory”. He was not alone, of course, being joined by other academicians such as Richard Delgado, Mari Matsuda, Patricia Williams, and
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  • Send in the Clowns
  • By Dave Zanotti
  • Which is the zanier story: 1) The CDC magically drops masks, or 2) Governor Mike DeWine decides by fiat to establish “Vax-a-Million” a new scheme to give away a one-million dollar prize every week to someone who gets a vaccine
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  • Good Friday
  • By Dave Zanotti
  • What happened on this day matters and more than any human words can effectively express. What happened on this day on a cross of total injustice is the only prism through which reality can ever be effectively seen. What happened
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  • Washington DC is Back
  • By Dave Zanotti
  • “I’m from Washington and I am here to help”. That was the famous punchline to a host of jokes told by the late President Ronald Reagan. Now, thanks to the Center for American Progress and all their allies, the Progressive Congress
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