The Radical Progressives would destroy President Trump. That is their plan and they have millions to do it. They are organized and their attacks on Republican members of Congress have begun. Their hero and voice is Rachel Maddow. She describes their plan right here.

They believe they will succeed in throwing House members out of office and winning Senate seats in 2018. By doing so they will end the brief period of a Republican majority in the House and Senate. No New Republican President has had such a majority since 1922.

in the height of hypocrisy they call their plan “indivisible”. In fact they plan to continue the divisive hatred of identity politics, racism and class envy. They have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees. They are counting on conservatives to cower in fear and shelter in place. They know the media will help them in their plan to bully America in passive submission.

Will they succeed? Will they silence you?

But what if this next election is about more than Donald Trump? What if being a constitutional American is about more than the Presidency? What if we the people are actually more interested in a Congress that upholds the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution and we continue to vote accordingly regardless of who is in the White House?