John Feng, in his October 19, 2022 online article in Newsweek, reports that dozens of cities worldwide–including New York City–are bases for communist Chinese police stations.

Not just Newsweek, but also the NY Post, the NY Times, Fox News, Yahoo News, the Washington Times, and the Washington Examiner are reporting this.

China operates these police stations with their agents in Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Rome, Florence, Milan, London, and in dozens of cities across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Spain alone has nine communist Chinese police stations. Other nations that have these bases are: Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, and Serbia.
None in Russia though…as far as we know (why not in Russia?). They are also in Nigeria, Lesotho, Tanzania, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Japan.

Supposedly, this network is filled with agents who only want to combat “wire fraud” and “transnational crime.”

However, it has been a long-standing policy of China’s KGB (known there as the Public Security Bureau) to target overseas Chinese citizens who are dissenters and blackmail them to either shut up or return home. A common tactic is to text the dissenter with a picture of their lives one with a caption that threatens their lives one’s safety.

Does this trouble you? Is it disturbing that a communist regime operates with impunity a web of “police stations” to terrorize their own citizens in nations around the world? Does it bother you that one of their bases is in New York City, and to date neither Mayor Eric Adams nor the White House has addressed Congressional inquiries on this matter?