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Florida Voter Stats
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Huma at the Center of it all

David Zanotti's Blog For the Common Good Blog
Soros wants the votes
Mr. Soros wants the votes and he is willing to pay for them. He is willing to fund Progressive think tanks and leaders with millions of dollars every year. Their goal? Add 10 million new voters to the rolls that the Progressive movement can control through entitlement policies and government...
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Dr. Jeff Sander's Blog A Moment in History
The Time Hitler Met His Wounded German Troops
The campaign for Stalingrad lasted from August 1942 to February 2, 1943.  The German Sixth Army was actually doing not too bad against the Soviets throughout the summer and early fall, although the casualties were piling up at a ghastly rate.  Before the Soviets launched a counterattack on November 19...
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Is Congress Making Us Sick?
A Healthier Plan
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