The American Policy Roundtable Applauds the Ohio House of Representatives on Passing Sub SB 311

VALLEY CITY, November 20, 2020 – The American Policy Roundtable applauds the Ohio House of Representatives for taking action to restore appropriate oversight to the State’s response to COVID-19. After eight months and more than 75 public health mandates, the Ohio House finally succeeded in passing Sub SB 311.

ORC 3701.13 currently states that the Director of the Ohio Department of Health shall have “ultimate authority” in times of isolation and quarantine. Governor DeWine and the Director(s) of the Ohio Department of Health have used these few words of law to isolate and quarantine millions of healthy Ohioans and violate the Constitutional rights of every Ohioan in the process.

As passed by both the Ohio Senate and House, Sub SB 311 removes this “ultimate authority” from one person and allows for legislative oversight.

Based on testimony from members of the Ohio House of Representatives before they voted on Sub SB 311, it is clear these legislators heard from constituents. The people of Ohio understand the need for the General Assembly to provide checks & balances over executive branch overreach.

It is certain that Governor DeWine will veto Sub SB 311 in the next 10 days. Legislators in both chambers will have an opportunity to override his veto. The Ohio Senate approved Sub SB 311 in September with a veto proof majority. Ohioans should contact their state senator and state representative to urge their support to override the veto and secure their voice in the process.

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