COLUMBUS, OH Dec. 9, 2021 — After reviewing the actions of the Ohio House and Senate in passing a bill to legalize sports gambling, the American Policy Roundtable and the Ohio Roundtable are asking a simple question “How can this new law be constitutional?” Rob Walgate, Vice-President of the American Policy Roundtable went on to add: “The Ohio Constitution strictly prohibits gambling, except in 3 instances: Charitable, The Ohio Lottery and the 4 brick and mortar casinos. Sports gambling, especially on mobile devices, falls well outside any of those 3 exceptions to the constitutional prohibition. It is clear that the Ohio General Assembly blatantly disregarded the Ohio Constitution in passing this measure, proving once again that gambling and good government don’t mix.”

“The only question that remains,” Walgate concluded, “is whether other parties disenfranchised by this measure will intervene in the Courts or whether the powerful gambling industry will intimidate any who dare to question the back-room deal made with the Legislature.”

Founded in Ohio in 1980 as an independent, non-profit organization, The American Policy Roundtable has opposed the expansion of gambling since 1988. The Roundtable has actively participated in ballot measures and legislative debates contending that gambling, while widely accepted, remains a historically dangerous threat to individual prosperity, families, a healthy economy and the rule of law.