Please Support The American Mission® Center

After 40 years of living in rented office space and six corporate moves, a beautiful, 5-acre parcel of land was donated to the Roundtable in 2018. This property was received with the purpose of building The American Mission Center, a working idea farm and broadcast center and a testimony to the Next Generation.

This campus hosts the main studios for the Public Square Media Network and will support and enhance APR offices/studios in Central Florida, Middle Tennessee and Chicago. These new studios will increase our capacity to produce and distribute radio, film, live classes and concerts across the nation.

The Library at the AMC will be in use daily by students seeking to discover the true story of American Liberty and by practicing experts working to provide positive alternatives in public policy.® will be headquartered at the AMC and the daily research of The American Election Institute will flow from this spot reaching all 50 states.

Current and immediate needs:

  • Finish work on the parking lots
  • Finish out the new studios
  • Finish and furnish libraries
  • Finish work on the Great Room and fireplaces
  • Finish hospitality spaces including a warm and friendly kitchen
  • Finish administrative offices
  • Finish porches, outdoor spaces and landscaping - we need to plant lots of pine trees for Christmas in America!
  • Security protections and fail-safe Internet portals
  • Folding chairs, tables and study desks
  • The flag pole and the Lamp Post in the center of the campus

How you can help:

Already over 500 friends have contributed to build Stage One of The American Mission® Center. We are under roof and now down to the finish work. Can you help us finish this project with excellence and tell the story of Liberty to millions of children yet unborn?

  • Pray. Please pray that many will be led to help us finish Stage One of this vital project.
  • Donate. You can donate, simply and securely right below.

Click DONATE to bring the light of liberty to the Next Generation:

You can also send a check to:
American Policy Roundtable
P.O. Box 360470
Strongsville, OH 44136
(800) 522-8683

All Donations to The Next Generation Fund go directly to the building needs of The American Mission Center®.

All contributions are tax-deductible per IRS regulations. All of us can give by check, online, through corporate and foundations gifts as well as transfer of investment funds and stock transfers. Seniors should also be aware that current federal tax laws make donating from appreciated assets a tax value.

Please call at 1.800.VOTE(8683) if you have any questions on how to best maximize your giving. We are all donors here.