Donald Trump fired someone tonight. An Obama appointee in the Justice Department caught a break and was being held over in her job as “acting Attorney General”. She was being held over because Chuck Schumer and the Progressive Left members of the US Senate are holding up the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. This Obama-era holdover, Sally Yates, decided she was not going to enforce or defend the Administration’s recent legal order on immigration law. The order calls for the enforcement of existing laws, not the arbitrary creation of a new law by fiat. So the “acting AG”, Sally Yates, was fired by the President.

This idea of AG’s at the state and federal, defying the law and refusing to do their job is not new. The Obama Administration famously refused to defend the law passed by Congress known as the Defense of Marriage Act. The totally political and illegal decision by the Obama Justice Department forced the Congress to hire its own legal counsel to defend the law before the US Supreme Court. This law was passed by Republicans and Democrats and signed by President Bill Clinton. So you can see the trend. In the Obama Administration, if you don’t like a law for political purposes, just ignore it – even if you are sworn on oath to defend it.

This is the Progressive Left. They make up the rules based on their feelings at the moment. Call it emotional anarchy in the highest circles of law.