How do you become a Marine? You watch a John Wayne movie and presto!, you are a Marine, right? That’s laughable, isn’t it? But that is almost the attitude some people have about learning self defense. “If I just take a few classes or a seminar, then I am prepared!” No. A “few” classes is a nice start, and you know more than you did before you started, but you still are not prepared.

You must train. Often. And hard. As my Marine son has told me, “Daddy, you will not rise to the occasion…you will fall back on your training.” I guess I am a fanatic because I train every single day. I never take a day off. I do take one day off physically, each week. But on my “off” day I am reading or watching videos about defensive tactics. Training is a serious priority.

So what do you do if you are not a fanatic? You still train. Can you train 15 minutes a day, four days a week? Each session focus on something that will save your life, like whipping out pepper spray or doing a particular strike. Practice going through in your mind certain confrontations. Practice combinations of practical strikes with your hands, elbows, knees, and feet.

If you don’t devote yourself to regular training, you will not be prepared when crunch time comes. You will fight like you train.

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