Over the past 30 years of pastoral ministry I have counseled victims of sexual assault. I cannot convey the sadness and anger I have felt. Sadness that such a horrible crime has been committed, and anger that in most cases justice was never served to the perpetrator.

I began to ask myself what I could do to help prevent such crimes. Since I am also a student of the martial arts, I decided to put together a “crash course” that would teach women and girls essential close quarter combat skills to defeat vicious predators.

I drew up a 2 hour seminar that I have taken “on the road” to women’s church groups, businesses, and groups of young ladies heading off to college. In the seminar I teach only six basic strikes, four basic blocks, two choke holds to take out an attacker, and several escapes from dangerous holds.

We teach nothing fancy or complicated. In a fight for your life your mind will freeze up and you will not be able to do any fancy moves from the movies. We use techniques that are “battle tested”, simple to recall under stress….and then we practice them over and over again until they are second nature. Each student also receives an illustrated manual of the techniques so they can train at home (you will fight like you train).

If you are interested in a seminar, you may contact me at besafedefense316@gmail.com.