Donald Trump kept his word. He nominated an outstanding candidate for the US Supreme Court. The folks at FOX News are spinning the story as if Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation by the US Senate is inevitable. But wishing does not make it so. One of the dangers in any political battle is overestimating your opponent. An equal danger is underestimating the commitment of your opponent. FOX News is whistling past the graveyard totally denying the resolve of the radical democrats.

Destroying the Presidency of Donald Trump is the absolute commitment of the Progressive Left. They will stop at nothing to destroy this White House. The Left cannot back up. They cannot moderate their position. They are lighting hostile fires at every opportunity. Absolute resistance to Trump gives the Left absolute media coverage across ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, and all the major US newspapers. This coverage is the only way the Left can compete with Trump. So they will double and triple down to light fires of extremism.

This kind of emotional anarchy is catching fire across the media and the nation. The Democrats have nothing to lose and thus they will not yield to any form of precedent or caution. Therefore, conservatives be forewarned. The Democrats will NOT confirm a Trump appointee. Unless Mitch McConnell uses the nuclear option to overcome the requirement of the 60-vote cloture rule there will will be no nominees to the Court confirmed until after the 2018 election.