Who are these people? They call themselves “Antifa”, and they seem to have just popped up recently. The media has broadcasted numerous riots across the country, showing black-clad people (usually in their 20s and 30s) brandishing shields, baseball bats, and using them on people and property they deem “the enemy”. Antifa stands for “anti-fascist”, and they believe they have the moral authority to destroy anyone or anything they think is associated with their loose definition of Fascism.

What is really curious to me is that this group or mob does not have a single leader who calls the shots (at least, not one I can positively identify), has no fixed headquarters, and no fixed outline of an agenda, other than attacking anyone associated with constitutional limited government, capitalism, and/or Christianity. They do seem to have a symbol, however, the combined red flag of Marxism and the Black flag of anarchy.

Now think about that for a minute. Marxists and Anarchists are combined to attack their common enemy. Marxism believes in total government control over industry and commerce, and teaches that the central government has the right to tell you what to think, what and where to work, and how to behave. Anarchism by definition teaches that there should be no government at all. So these two mutually cancelling ideologies are together? To beat up and destroy all opposition?

Yep, truth is often stranger than fiction. More to come on this strange political phenomenon. Stay tuned.