Today the U.S. Supreme Court is arguing about a wedding cake. Is this another sequel in the “Father of the Bride” film series? Where is Franck the wedding planner when we need him? For just a moment let us take a deep breath and ask a defining perhaps a “cleansing” question. Is the Supreme Court really established to play the role of wedding planner? Does Article III of the U.S. Constitution exist so that two customers can force a baker to make a cake that violates his God given rights of conscience, free speech and religious liberty?

The state of Colorado is attempting to force a citizen of the United States to deny his honestly held religious beliefs. If the case before the Court today involved a Jewish bakery and the neo-Nazis or an African-America bakery and the Ku Klux Klan, how different would the media coverage on this story be?

This is not a fantastical stretch of the slippery slope. What the Court began in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas has brought us to this. The Kennedy majority of five Progressive Justices is continuing in their quest to remake the U.S. Constitution in their image. Now they want to dictate wedding cakes. Where is Franck Eggelhoffer when you need him?