Progressives are out of ammo. Their signature policy of the 20th Century is marooned on the island of misfit toys. The fantasy that centralized government can do much of anything well is now hemmed in by a 20 trillion dollar national debt and a taxpayer base that refuses to pay more for less. All the Progressive Democrats/Republicans have left is the politics of the middle school playground. They are cool and Donald Trump and the Deplorables are not. Thats all folks.

The irony here is that IF Progressives ever had a chance to win the public debate on policy ideas, now would be their time. The President of the United States is more than a few books short on how government works. His own party is deeply conflicted with a number of Senators more comfortable making CNN and “The Times and Post” happy than representing the people who elected them.

IF Progressives had ideas that worked now would be the time to lead. Instead they are consumed with stopping a President whose own Party has taken away the “Go” button. The campaign of 2018 has now begun. The theme is set: “Progressives are cool. Donald Trump is not. So vote Progressive.”

Apparently that’s all they’ve got.