Newt Gingrich has joined hands with George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and Van Jones in calling for a Constitutional Amendment in Ohio to change drug enforcement and sentencing laws. Ohio Issue 1 now facing the voters in the key swing state has been categorized as a “disaster” by law enforcement, prosecutors and even the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Why would Gingrich join this cartel of international billionaires in trying to alter drug laws by a Constitutional initiative. As the formers Speaker of the U.S. House and a history professor surely Gingrich must know that such initiatives belong in the Legislature where debate and changes can be made with care. Ohio Issue One creates pages of brand new totally untested Constitutional law that the citizens of that state will be stuck with for years.

Why would a band of outsiders put up millions of dollars in the Buckeye State to tinker with a constitution they don’t have to live under? Why would Gingrich join in an effort that supporters have clearly explained is a voter turnout tool for Democrats in Ohio?

What on earth can Gingrich be thinking? Or did he bother to even read and consider this Amendment in the first place?