Recently we have witnessed yet another terrorist attack from the jihadists. Those who want to create a world wide caliphate and impose Sharia on us all blew up 22 people at a concert in Manchester England. Dozens more were dismembered and maimed for life. Not long before that dozens were run over by a jihadist on a London bridge. Back in April Italy foiled a plot by jihadists to blow up the Rialto Bridge in Venice. And there was the truck attack crushing 100 people to death in Nice France, shooting a cop in Paris at the Arc D’Triomphe, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the bombing of the airport in Brussels, the gang raping of women in Germany, the massacre of over 100 people at the Bataclan in Paris, the constant assault and raping of women in Sweden (now making Sweden the rape capital of Europe)

Why has this happened? Europe has steadily allowed into its “open-minded” culture millions of colonists with an ideology of slavery and murder. It finds it’s home in the religion of Islam. Yes, I know full well that there are “pro-democratic” voices among Muslims who want no part of Sharia. Sadly, those voices are few and far between, and often violently silenced. What happened to Europe? Why did they let this happen?

Western Europe, by and large, slowly bought into a mindset. A mindset that surrenders our natural rights out of fear of what others perceive about us. Some may call this “political correctness”. Whatever. But it is the idea that I should give up my right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom to peacefully assemble….in order to make other supposedly aggrieved minorities happy. I owe them something because of supposed injustices of the past. Therefore, I will not say or do anything that might offend them….

Even if it means that my silence or inaction may empower evil people to commit heinous acts. My silence, inaction, apathy, paralysis….is more virtuous than stopping people with a murderous agenda.

And that it why western Europe is paralyzed against Islamist terrorism. They are afraid…afraid of being seen as bigots or islamophobes or whatever. That concerns them more than attacking the root of the problem and protecting their people.