“I’m from Washington and I am here to help”.
That was the famous punchline to a host of jokes told by the late President Ronald Reagan. Now, thanks to the Center for American Progress and all their allies, the Progressive Congress has brought that joke back into style. Recently Senator Chuck Schumer commented on the creation of $1.9 Trillion dollars of magic money in a COVID Relief Package. He stated in the Associated Press on March 9:

“People have lost faith government can do good for them. People are going to see that government actually is making their lives better — which is how Americans used to think of it, and we’ve gotten away from it.”

Senator Schumer stands for the collectivist view of government, made famous first by the socialists, then by the communists. Collectivism has been fully adopted by today’s Progressives and they are in control of the U.S. Government and would like to take over full control of the economy at every level. This is their dream, their goal and their answer to every problem. The Government will give you magic money to fix your problems. In return, you give the Government most of everything you make for the rest of your life and then give them more after you die.
Same story for the last 100 years. The Magic Money is 100% debt that you cannot say “no” to and have to pay back with interest. Any wonder why people have lost faith in the myth that “government can do good for them”?
So why do debt-fabricators like Chuck Schumer keep getting re-elected to Congress?