Lots of people are asking this question, including a whole host of Hollywood celebrities, Silicon Valley billionaires, and giants in high tech. They are thinking about living forever – here. They are spending hundreds of millions to develop hardware and software to preserve the content of their brains. Some are dedicated to freezing their bodies so they can be thawed and reactivated when the regenerative technologies are finally functional. No, this is not a TV script or the zombie apocalypse. This is a 25-page article from the April 3rd edition of The New Yorker and the discussion on this week’s edition of The Public Square®.

The great commentator Matthew Henry commented on life everlasting in this way: “The wicked are chased out of this world and their souls are required; but the saints take a walk to another world as cheerfully as they take their leave of this.” This Easter season we celebrate the reality that the door to that next world has been opened for all through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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