As if the TV commercials were not annoying enough, now Mr. John Morgan of “Morgan and Morgan” is taking to bold-face bullying. He recently attacked Florida Governor Rick Scott basically threatening Scott’s electoral future. Morgan threatened that if Scott does not embrace the smoking of marijuana, according to Morgan’s policy designs, then Scott will lose his next election. Scott is currently taking on Bill Nelson for the U.S. Senate seat from Florida.

Morgan has a political track record and public persona that is no secret. He backed medical marijuana in Florida. He backed Hillary Clinton for President. You can read his perspective right here.

Mr. Morgan seems to be a bit foggy on this issue. Here is an article that reveals that traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities are rising again in America. They are specifically rising because of people driving while impaired by the use drugs including marijuana. Real people are suffering real injuries and dying because of the use of marijuana.

How can any responsible citizen or honest lawyer or political aspirant ignore these heartbreaking statistics?