Major League Baseball is in an uproar over Apple technology being used to steal signs. The Commissioner of Baseball is reviewing the constitutional requirements to issue rulings and punishments against the Red Sox for an alleged complicated high-tech scheme at Fenway Park utilizing cameras, training staff and an Apple watch. Yes, this was a major story in the New York Times and we posted the story at and covered it on radio on WTN 99.7FM in Nashville this week. Why? Because it shows the upside-down absurdity of our collective American thinking.

The President of the United States is trying to resolve a clear and blatant offense to the U.S. Constitution by demanding that Congress fix immigration laws. The 2012 DACA Executive Order by President Obama was a clear illegal attempt to bypass the Constitution and to create law from the Executive Branch. Because the media largely despises the US Constitution and loves Barack Obama, the former President got away with ruling as a king and dictating immigration law. A feckless Congress failed to challenge the clear and present danger of ruling outside the boundaries of Constitutional Law. A number of Attorneys General from several states sued and the matter is moving through federal courts. Rather than wait for the Supreme Court to legislate the matter from the bench, President Trump rescinded the Executive Order and gave Congress six months to keep their oath of office and decide the matter by law.
The question is not immigration alone. The question is not 800,000 “dreamers”. The question is the nightmare of destroying the rule of law based on passion, popularity and power. Congress can fix this and do right by the “dreamers” and the law. The great irony is this: Major League Baseball is in an uproar over a team using an Apple watch to break the rules. Why isn’t Congress fighting illegal Executive Orders and demanding that we resolve the immigration problem according to the Constitution so that we can all play by the rules again?