Well, I am late to the party, but my wife and I finally went to see this “Top Gun: Maverick” flick. We usually wait until it’s shown in the cheap theatre (you know, where you have to bring your own chair). We’ve been told by several trusted friends that this movie was really good. Anything would have been better than the corny and dull original “Top Gun” movie with Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis from the 1980s. (I kept laughing through that film at T-38 chase planes painted to look like MiGs….but since the Soviet Union had not yet collapsed there was a real shortage of MiG 23s floating around I suppose.)

Anyway, this current film is very good. I never thought Tom Cruise was a good actor, but here he is surrounded by people who actually can act. The computer graphics show pretty convincing Fifth Generation fighter planes (probably trying to look like the Chinese J-20), and the script keeps things hopping.

You really feel like you can feel the pressure of the G-forces, and there are several surprises toward the end of the movie. The enemy nation is never identified, but it’s probably China. But…the nation in the movie also has some used F-14 Tomcats…so maybe it’s Iran. But Iran doesn’t have Fifth Generation fighter jets, so….

Well anyway Tom Cruise and the US Navy go on an impossible mission and paste the bad guys with tons of fireworks and action galore.

All in all, it’s a true “feel good” movie that makes you want to wave the U.S. flag and join the Navy. Hmmmm…they aren’t recruiting old history nerds in their sixties, are they?