Recently U.S. Senator Charles Schumer attacked the President of the United States regarding the issue of the security of America’s borders. In that attack, Senator Schumer suggested that the Statue of Liberty should be America’s guiding symbol and light. On July 4th, 1970, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen addressed a crowd gathered in Washington, D.C. In his remarks, Bishop Sheen had this to say regarding the Statue of Liberty:

“We have a statue of Liberty on the East Coast. May we now erect on the West Coast, whether physically or symbolically, another statue – The statue of responsibility in order to remind America in between the two statues that we have no rights in this country without corresponding duties.”

Immigration to the United States has been a highly sought treasure by millions including my own grandparents. We need and want more people to come to America from anywhere the spirit of Liberty calls them. However, there will always be two sides to the immigration debate, two lights from two statues to define the doctrines of our laws. We must always balance the hope of citizenship with the corresponding duties of citizenship or else we will lose the light of liberty altogether.