If he broke the law, prosecute. If guilty, convict and throw him in jail. Those are the rules. We live in a land based upon the rule of law. No one is supposed to be above the law in America. The only real question here is “To whom is the pronoun referring?” Are we talking about President Trump, James Comey, Mike Flynn, the authors of the Washington Post article, or the mysterious person who leaked the classified information in the first place.

It is tempting to take sides here and as in most arguments there are at least three sides to this debate. Clearly the U.S. media has decided Donald Trump is their personal pinata. They intend to beat upon him until their hatred of white rich males who are in positions of authority is satisfied. That hatred, which flows from much deeper wounds, is not likely to be exhausted any time soon. It is also easy for many who voted for Trump to defend him simply because the attacks are so partisan, so bitter and so hysterical.

Trump is Trump. He is not going to conform to the wishes of the right or the left. The real question is: will he obey the law he is sworn on oath to uphold. If he does not, then let the people call upon their Constitution and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

Which does raise another important question. If the Washington Post was certain that the President broke the law regarding classified information, then why did they publish a story, instead of immediately going the U.S. Justice Department with their evidence? Why did WAPO instead, publish a report about a meeting they did not attend, containing classified information they were not legally permitted to possess or discuss. Why won’t the WAPO writers turn over their sources, all of whom have clearly broken the law by leaking classified information?

If Mr. Comey’s copious notes regarding conversations with the President contain evidence of criminal activity or even intent, then why did he not turn the evidence over to the proper authorities? Surely the FBI director knew how to proceed legally to protect the Constitution and the laws he swore on oath to defend. Why has he gone to the media instead of the law?

So whoever has the evidence – please do the right thing – protect the Constituiton, follow the rule of law. Let a Grand Jury and the Courts decide the question.


And in a surprising development – The New York TImes suddenly created a story today for the Democrat Leadership on Capitol Hill claiming that Dems are now “chilling” on the idea of impeachment. Suddenly Democrat leaders are calling for calm and patience and plenty of time to let all of these issues be sorted out.

Might that be because they know the benifit of a slow feed of ever-growing, unfounded stories and headlines? Might they be afraid that the Trump hatred that feeds so much of the Progressive Left will get way too far ahead of the facts?

We stand by our first position here. Throw him, her, all of them in jail, if in fact, in a court of law, before a jury of their peers, they are convicted of a crime.