In watching the Senate hearings carefully (and painfully) it is clear that both stories being told cannot be true. One person is 100% certain this event has happened. One person denies the event with equal certainty.

Emotion demands that we side with the victim. But who is the victim and how can we be sure? If Judge Kavanaugh is lying – at any level — he is not only unfit for the Supreme Court but should be immediately impeached, tried, convicted and removed from the federal bench. Why Mrs. Ford waited until now to bring her charges against Brett Kavanaugh is a great mystery. His confirmation to the D.C. District Court position took almost three years. Had she come forward at that time, the nation could have been spared all this grief. She did not participate at that time, nor did any of the other accusers. So is it now fair for an honest mind to be skeptical as to the timing of all of this?

The sanctimonious attitudes of the US Senate are also difficult to abide — on ALL sides of this conversation. Here for example is a thought regarding the historic integrity of the Progressive moment and the Supreme Court.

To those who call themselves Progressives, especially the leaders of the pro-abortion wing of that movement, truth is subject to political gains. So if telling the truth serves a political purpose they will tell the truth. But if telling a lie serves the greater political agenda they will cast the truth aside for power. Such was the case for their greatest victory in modern times, the Supreme Court case known as Roe v. Wade.

The lead plaintiff in that case was Norma McCorvey. The people handling Ms. McCorvey’s case convinced her to lie to the Court and claim she was raped. By her own later admission, she was not raped. In her testimony to the U.S. Senate in 1998 Ms. McCorvey stated:

“The affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court didn’t happen the way I said it did, pure and simple. I lied! Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffey needed an extreme case to make their client look pitiable. Rape seemed to be the ticket. What made rape even worse? A gang rape! It all started out as a little lie, but my little lie grew and became more horrible with each telling.”

So why should we be surprised that the Progressives and their most elite forces in the abortion industry and the media would once again attack the U.S. Judicial process and the Senate with a series of myths manipulated into a pattern of deception. They have been telling lies since 1973.

On the other hand – and we state this again and again — if Brett Kavanaugh is lying, he is not fit for the federal bench.