In 1932 the U.S. federal government, through the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Public Health Service conducted a medical experiment upon 600 black men near Tuskegee, Alabama. Originally, the experiment was to last only six months, but it continued unabated for the next 40 years.

Six hundred men were chosen to chart the progression of syphilis, but none of the men were ever told about the nature of the experiment. Informed consent was never given by any of the men.

They were all told that they had “bad blood”, and that if they stayed in the program they would receive free health care, free hot meals, free rides to and from the clinic, and free burial insurance.

The federal government knew that 399 of the men had syphilis, the other 201 did not. But the CDC and the USPHS never told any of the men.

Even though by 1943 penicillin was widely used to treat syphilis, and actually CURES syphilis, the federal government in their free health care, never told the men about the therapeutics that could cure them. They withheld the treatment, and let the medical experimentation continue.

The federal government experiment on unsuspecting citizens continued until 1972 when a story was leaked to the press. The program was shut down, and the same federal government that conducted the experiments set up a review board to prevent such things from ever happening again.

Twenty-eight patients needlessly died directly from syphilis, 100 died from complications, 40 of the wives were infected, and 19 children were born with defects directly related to syphilis.

The CDC’s and USPHS’s freebies…were deadly.