Joe Biden is handing his Administration over to a singular purpose. The White House and the Cabinet will be run by directors of the George Soros regime. This is a conspiracy in plain sight and not a word is being spoken by the U.S. Media Elites.

It started with Ron Klain who served with Stacy Abrams on the Board of the Center for American Progress Action. CAPA is the lobbying wing of CAP, which George Soros founded in Washington, D.C. John Podesta is the co-founder and ran the organization for years. Podesta also ran the Clinton White House and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Podesta also ran the Obama White House in the second term.

Neera Tanden, CEO of CAP is now moving to the Biden White House to run the Office of Management and Budget. The Department of Labor will be run by Patrick Gaspard who is currently the President of the Open Society Foundations established by George Soros. The Media Elites of America keep mocking honest people who do the research and connect the dots on the Soros dominance over the Democrat Party. The Biden Administration is proof of the conspiracy in plain sight.

Joe Biden did not campaign for the Presidency for good reason. His opinions were unnecessary. He is in the White House to facilitate the agenda of George Soros and John Podesta and their big tech and huge wealth allies.

Once again a group of people who despise the founding ideals of America and the sovereignty of United States are now in control of the federal government. None of them ran for office. They just control the people who did. Now they have the keys to the place.