Mao Zedong’s Red Guard in the 1960’s and 70’s demanded 100% ideological purity from not only their followers, but also from every single Chinese on the mainland. Even if someone were Marxist, they had to be the “right kind of Marxist”– a fully indoctrinated Maoist– and had to regurgitate all the “truths” of Chairman Mao as spelled out in his “Little Red Book”…or face dire consequences.

Dissenters (free thinkers) would be arrested, forced to March through town with a sign around their neck (usually saying something like “I sympathize with the running dogs of western-capitalist-imperialism”, then forced to “confess” and “repent” in a public “struggle session”, then finally sent to a labor camp to stone for one’s sins. Or maybe you’d just be shot.

Sounds like a pretty harsh religion, right? Right. The Red Guard, just like Antifa, just like various white supremacist groups today, have all the markings of religious fanaticism–of a cult actually– and do not allow for ANY deviation from the “party line.” All who deviate are “heretics” and attacked.

Don’t believe me? Be a college professor or guest speaker at many colleges today and say anything in favor of capitalism or Christianity or America. Try to criticize abortion, or collectivism, or Pride month and see what happens to you. For the racial bigots in America, try to say anything quoting Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech about racial equality, and the hateful bigots will descend upon you in minutes.

They are all history-erasers. Just like the white supremacists who want to deny or dismiss the evil and injustice of enslaving Africans for over 300 years, others such as Antifa and their allies want to deny all the goodness and social advances of America in the last 300 years. Hauling down statues of Confederate soldiers or waving aside the horror of slavery does not lift up anyone from social or economic ruin. The Chinese Red Guard were so intent on erasing or altering history that they wrecked museums and priceless works of art all across China–simply because the imperial Chinese artifacts were somehow not in “agreement” with their warped Marxist worldview. The Reds even dug up ancient Chinese royalty, put their corpses on trial, then destroyed them!! How did that help the Chinese people?

It reminds me of people who have removed the graves of dead Confederate generals and want to erase the names of some of America’s founding fathers from schools.

Just like our history books fifty years ago never showed the contributions of black Americans (much to our shame), in the same way there is a concerted effort from Leftists today to erase all history that shows the great contributions of our Founding Fathers.

These groups are also made up of several competing factions. The White supremacists are composed of neo-nazis, klansmen, and an odd assortment of racists and antisemites who often believe rather strange “histories” of the world and various conspiracy theories. Antifa is supposedly a composite of hard-core communists and anarchists. This is interesting to me because communists believe in total control by a central government, and anarchists ostensibly believe in no government at all. Those two cannot co-exist for long; it is my guess that in any power struggle the communists are better organized and will eat up the anarchists.

The Red Guard was not monolithic either. It too was composed of numerous factions…each derived from a charismatic leader who commanded a certain sect’s loyalty. One of the dirty little secrets of Marxism/Communism is that it is divided up into numerous “denominations” in which one group often despises the other. The Stalinists hate the Maoists, the Trotskyites hate the Stalinists, the followers of Castro hate the followers of Kim Il-Sung, and so on and so on.

The same is true among the white supremacists or Antifa or any other misfit group that has targeted freedom and the God of freedom. Just as in the Roman myths the god Saturn ate his children, so too will these various groups splinter and turn on one another. They all may seem united (and well funded and motivated) for now…but they will eventually be consumed by their own ignorance, hatred and violence.