By now anyone paying attention in the US have heard about Antifa– the so-called “anti-fascists” who are the union of various communist and anarchist factions. Most Americans are certainly aware of white supremacist factions (various Ku Klux Klan groups, Unite the Right, and neo-Nazis). Due to the very poor education in history these days, probably not so many people know who Mao’s Red Guard was in the 1960’s and early 70’s. (Probably few Americans would have an inkling of knowledge about Mao Zedong…the Chinese communist leader and the greatest mass murderer in history.)

Nevertheless, these three apparently disparate groups, who seem to be polar opposites (Antifa and the White Supremacists despise one another) have much in common!

1. They all use violence to accomplish their purposes. We have seen how hundreds of Antifa “protesters” were given free reign in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, and other US cities to burn and pillage. We have seen them surround and pummel innocent civilians. The White Supremacists make no bones about their intent to beat up or kill those who oppose them. (The KKK and of course the Nazis have a long track record of violence and murder.) The rampaging Chinese Red Guard wrecked China and almost brought their economy to a halt from 1966-1976.

2. They are racists. Antifa, in line with Marxist critical race theory, blames white Europeans for every real or imagined ill in the world today. Slavery was created by Europeans, climate change is the fault of European descendents through capitalism, and on and on. The White Supremacists, obviously, believe that all other races are inferior and should remain separate. The Red Guard were not explicitly racist in print, but they did believe in the superiority of the Chinese people, and of Maoist Marxism over all other theories.

3. They are heavily populated by youth. When you look at these various gangs as they come out to “protest”, note that very few of them are in their 40’s or over. These are not people with 9-5 Monday through Friday jobs, buying a house and saving for retirement. These are young people mostly in their teens and early 20s. The Red Guard was likewise filled with youthful, zealous followers of Mao.

4. They hate free speech. It is obvious that the communists, anarchists, fascists, Nazis, klansmen, all despise tolerance for other people’s views and will use any means necessary to destroy free and open discussions between differing opinions about anything. All these groups demand 100% obedience to their own ideological “purity.” All have fanatical religious devotion that is cult-like. It is “us” against “them”, and there can be no middle ground between “us” and anyone not like us.

5. They all hate Israel. The leftists make no bones about it that there is no room in the Middle East for a Jewish state in which there are free elections, freedom of conscience, freedom of movement and association, and all the other freedoms we take for granted. The White Supremacists are clearly anti-Semitic (remember Auschwitz), and communist China has been a huge supporter of Iran and Hamas. (Israel is not perfect by any means, but my point is that all these groups actually agree that Israel needs to be wiped out.)

More similarities to come…