For Democrat leaders the election of Donald Trump means war. Listen to their statements. Listen to Jerry Brown, the Governor of California. Listen to the threats and the rage. Listen to Chuck Schumer pledging to stop any and every Trump appointment to the Supreme Court from reaching a vote. Can he do that? He certainly can try by using procedural rules in the Senate that require 60 votes for a measure to proceed.

Here is a prediction: by the end of January, the US media will be working around the clock to support the Senate minority leader’s total filibuster of anything President Trump suggests. Democrats will have a fully-funded round the clock war room working to defeat anything and everything Trump. The Dems and the media will be telling us it is impossible to replace Obamacare unless the defeated minority approves of the changes. And lets remember, none of these hyper-partisan career politicians have likely ever read the full text of Obamacare. There is no record that President Obama ever read what he named.

They did not read it in 2009 or 2010. They did not read it in 2012 or when it began to fail. They will not read it in a box they will not read it, not even FOX. They will tell us we can never change that healthcare is and will remain something only they can do. Because they are the chosen few.