Here are a few more under-reported quoted from the “Great Helmsman” of communist China:

“[A good name after death] cannot bring me any joy, because it belongs to the future and not to my own reality.”

“People like me are not building achievements to leave for future generations.”

“I do not think these [commands like ‘do not kill’, ‘do not steal,’ and ‘do not slander’] have to do with conscience. I think they are only out of self-interest for self-protection. All considerations must be purely calculation for oneself, and absolutely not for obeying external ethical codes, or for so-called feelings of responsibility.”

“How do we change China? … the country must be destroyed and then re-formed.”

Mao, being a good progressive Marxist socialist, admitted in his own words that there are no absolute moral restraints (“God”), that he was only living for himself and not for anyone else in the present or future, and that all that had gone on before in China until he arrived on the scene had to be destroyed and discarded.

Seventy million people perished in his progressive, Marxist, socialist paradise because he acted out what he thought in his heart.