Have you ever heard of “The Pineapple Express”? How about retired Army officer Jim Gant? How about former professional fighter and Green Beret Tim Kennedy? Their stories are not headlines in the “official” news, but they are doing superhuman work in Afghanistan, trying to rescue thousands of people who worked with the United States against the Taliban and other jihadist-terrorist groups.

For the past several weeks these vets have placed their lives on the line, going in unarmed to sneak out Afghan interpreters, army and police who actually helped us and fought the Taliban, along with their families. They have also brought out hundreds of Christians, labeled “Nazarenes” by the terrorists who have marked them for death.

One major American news organization commented recently that these American vets have been able to rescue some 8,900 people out of Afghanistan so far. The rescued are not just Afghans, but also other Americans and our allies who have been working for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

God bless these courageous people who are doing their utmost to get people out before Afghanistan “goes dark” and turns into “the killing fields.”