The news media and party players just can’t stop their opioid-like addiction to the power of the Presidency. While the Mueller hearings dominated the news a much bigger story regarding U.S. Elections went virtually unreported.

Facebook was fined $5 Billion for violating user-data privacy in an election scheme with Cambridge Analytica. That information was allegedly used to attempt to influence the outcomes of elections in the U.S. At the same time, Project Veritas released a video from a Ph.d Analyst from Google acknowledging that Google is using AI and their powerful search and news tools to influence the outcome of American elections. These stories got almost no coverage in the American media.

Meanwhile, Priorities USA, the largest Socialist Democrat Super PAC announced it launching a plan to spend over $100 million four swing-states ALONE on social media outlets to drive Donald Trump from office. The greatest hidden, unethical and dangerous threat to the integrity of U.S. Elections is not from foreign powers. It is from Silicon Valley and the media elites who together are attempting to control the minds of a once free-thinking people.

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