The election strategy of the radical Progressives was to blame Donald Trump (whom they dubbed the Orange Man) for the virus and every case and death and discomfort. It was all Donald Trump’s fault for a myriad of reasons but most of all because he refused to bow. Trump refused to submit to Fauci and Birx who represent the academic elites who make rich livings manipulating the healthcare wing of the Administrative State.
No matter how much good was done by the Trump Administration they could never be given credit because they would not bow low enough to satisfy the elitist regime.

Nor would Trump surrender to the real agenda of that regime which is to complete the government takeover of all healthcare. This remains the number one goal of the radical Progressives. COVID-19 has made this fantasy all the more enticing because Americans have revealed how quickly they will surrender their liberties when threatened by the fear of getting sick.

The Progressives got rid of Trump using COVID-19 as their political cover. Their next target is Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida.

The Orlando Sentinel has Ron Desantis in their sites. They are ruthlessly attacking the Florida Governor because he will not submit to the federal elites. He will not bow to the failed agenda of lockdowns, fears and phony bailouts.

DeSantis is up for re-election in 21 months which is just 84 weeks away. The Orlando Sentinel is already in full campaign propaganda mode. (We would share links to articles with you here but the Sentinel hides their front page tirades against DeSantis behind a paywall.)

Florida, North Carolina and Georgia remain the primary goal of the radical Progressives. Taking control of these states is the sure pathway to a final takeover of all healthcare in America.

So now the “healthscare” strategy is rolling out on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He is the next target to be eliminated by the mob media. Their story line is simple. Everything that is bad in Florida is because of COVID and all the blame for COVID falls upon Governor Ron DeSantis. He is the next Orange Man.