Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, just recently pronounced that he knows what you need and don’t need. He said, “No excuses, there is never a reason to carry a knife.” And then he threatened the full force of the law upon anyone who dares carry a knife on them. This latest bit of the state shedding common sense and robbing innocent people of their freedom is in response to the rise of criminals using knives. The UK banned guns long ago, so criminals have been murdering with blades instead of bullets.

The murder rate in London in February and March of this year has surpassed that of New York City. First time ever. Banning guns will keep you safe, though. Makes sense to ban the tool instead of addressing the problem, doesn’t it? Or maybe not…

Since knives are dangerous and can kill people, I wonder what other things the imperious mayor will ban next? Hammers can kill. So can box trucks. How about passenger planes (especially since they can be flown into office buildings). Other dangerous to ban: gasoline, earth moving equipment, fertilizer, chainsaws, bleach (by the way, acid attacks are up in London).

Please remember this action by the London mayor the next time someone in government says, “Why would anyone need an AR 15 ?” In a truly free society there is no requirement to show ‘need’ to exercise a right. I do not have to “prove a need” or “ask permission” of my “betters” to exercise a right. Once they ban guns (or particularly “scary looking” guns that they misidentify as “assault weapons”), then they will ban knives, and then…anything else THEY think you don’t “need.”