Is it all a distraction designed to destroy a Presidency? It is driven by deep psychological needs and a profound hatred of an individual. If you stare at it or focus upon it you will be wasting a lot of time and energy. The US media hates Donald Trump. John McCain and his daughter hate Donald Trump. The Democrat Party hates Donald Trump. Shepherd Smith hates Donald Trump. Lots of elite people from D.C. to Hollywood hate Donald Trump.


Now can we all get over it and get back to the responsibilities of maintaining the constitutional republic that was placed in our hands? There is a lot of good work that needs to be accomplished in this session of Congress. Can we please get on with it now?

One more thing: If there is any truth to the narrative that Donald Trump’s people broke any laws regarding Russia then let those with the evidence put up or shut up. If you have the goods you don’t need an investigation, special hearings or a special counsel. Hold a news conference. We will even help you pay for it. If you’ve got the goods then show up – now. Have some guts and do your duty for your country and The First Amendment. We are all waiting and listening.