The power behind the curtain of the COVID closing community clearly runs through Johns Hopkins University. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows the history of this University and their dedication to Progressive Utopianism. Rather than take the time to document that history here, I would encourage people to do their own study of the history of JHU. In this current crisis JHU provides cover for Dr. Fauci and the CDC and basically provides a daily report that serves to shame anyone who dares to “challenge the science” behind the national lockdown.

So here is language from that daily report for April 20, 2020:

RELAXING SOCIAL DISTANCING Following US President Donald Trump’s unveiling of the federal government’s plan to relax social distancing—and associated tweets to “liberate” the states of Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia—groups of protesters gathered in states across the country in opposition to existing physical distancing measures. The protesters assembled to call for governors to lift “stay at home” orders, including reopening non-essential businesses and permitting large gatherings. In Denver, Colorado, some protestors were met by local healthcare workers who stood in intersections wearing hospital scrubs and N95 respirators. Yesterday, President Trump stated that he supported the protestors, arguing that “some governors have gone too far” in their efforts to enforce physical distancing. Several state governors, both Republican and Democrat, raised concern about President Trump’s comments and highlighted the need to relax physical distancing measures in a way that mitigates the risk of increased transmission. Additionally, Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed his opposition to the protests, noting that prematurely relaxing physical distancing could “backfire” and cause increased transmission, which could further delay economic recovery.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in collaboration with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, published a guidance document to support governors’ efforts to determine when and how to relax existing physical distancing measures appropriately. This document builds on recommendations included in a previously published Road Map to Reopening, which included 4 phases and associated capacities and triggers. The current document emphasizes that each state is different and that a single approach will not address the unique needs, capabilities, and situations for all states. Regardless, governors should take an evidence-based approach, evaluating the current and projected COVID-19 epidemiology, testing and healthcare capacity, and other factors to develop their own risk assessments. The document includes high-level assessment transmission risk at non-essential businesses, schools, mass gatherings, and other settings, including the expected intensity of close contact, the size of the population, and the potential to modify operations to mitigate transmission risk. These types of analysis should factor into decisions regarding when and how to relax physical distancing measures and begin to resume public activity.

Now that we have read these two paragraphs the question seems appropriate: “At exactly what point in our history did Americans surrender their right to exist in a free society to the academics at Johns Hopkins University? And what exactly is The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and why should anyone listen to a single word they say? Did anyone elect these people to dictate the behavior of the American population. Granted some of these people may be the smartest people on earth, and I hope they are. But who gave them the authority to dictate reality to 330 million Americans?

Was there an election somewhere we all missed?