In listening to our radio interview with Artur Pawlowski and his on-going tribulation with the totalitarian government of Canada, I couldn’t help but think of the courage of the people of his native soil…Poland.

Poland was attacked and overrun by the Nazis in September of 1939. Two weeks into that invasion, their other powerful totalitarian neighbor, the Soviet Union, attacked from the east. Poland was occupied by the haters of freedom, but the Polish people were not defeated.

The remnants of their military fled to other nations. Their airmen continued to fight bravely in the British RAF. Their sailors continued to man ships and subs and help the Allies in the Battle of the Atlantic. Their soldiers, armed and outfitted with British equipment, formed the II Corps and fought alongside their British and American allies in Italy.

And their civilians…they formed the Home Army. They were fifty thousand strong. It was the largest “underground army” in history. They gathered whatever weapons they could find, they trained, and in August of 1944, with the Soviet army standing on the other side of the Vistula River, they rose up to strike the Nazi army in Warsaw. They thought the Soviets would come to their aid. But of course, the communist Joseph Stalin, wanted the freedom loving Poles to be wiped out by the Nazis so that he could later install his own totalitarian government in Poland. So Stalin ordered his army to just sit there on the east side of the Vistula and watch the Nazis systematically destroy with their tanks and flamethrowers–Warsaw and the Home Army.

The Nazis “won” that battle. Then the Soviets soon threw the Nazis out and began their own Marxist socialist reign of terror. But they never broke the Polish people. The day would come when the people of Poland would be free.