Air conditioning, central heat, flush toilets. Refrigeration, penicillin, aspirin, airplanes, x-rays, and ballpoint pens. The telephone, television, movies, paper clips, and Post-it notes. Heart surgery, radio, drive-thru windows at banks and restaurants, photography, the microchip, flea collars, assembly lines, disposable diapers, and electricity in your home.

Do you like those things? Are they beneficial to you and your family? Then you can thank the development of Western Civilization for all of those products. None of those products were developed in China, India, or in any Islamic nation. All came from Western Civilization. Why is that? Were the people of the West (primarily the people of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand) more intelligent? Not at all.

However, economic forces that released people from a command and control influence developed first in Europe and this allowed those people greater freedom to create, explore, and prosper.

Capitalism and banking originated in the West (first in Venice and other Italian republics). Free people were unhindered in exchanging goods and services, keeping most of the money they earn, owning their own property, and investing in their own businesses. In freedom they left the lords of the manor, feudalism gradually dissolved, and free people were able to invent, improve, invest, and expand according to their own best interests. This was the economic force that propelled Europe in the early stages of the Renaissance (roughly 1300 AD) and continued to empower Europe to move ahead of the Islamic and Far Eastern civilizations economically, politically, and militarily for the next 700 years.

Science as its own discipline developed first in Europe during this 700 year era, and then was transferred and copied by other civilizations. In Europe, science was unshackled for the first time from superstition and magic, and turned into an academic discipline that would be studied and passed on to succeeding generations in a formal process. From this systematic process, coupled with economic freedom, Western Civilization was able to create immeasurable products that not only bless the world, but the vast majority of which are now affordable to most people.