So, how many kids saw “The Lion King” when it re-opened on Broadway last night?

According to the new enlightened leaders on Broadway: You may enter the theater only if vaccinated. Those who have survived COVID and have natural immunities are not welcome.

Just as a scientific reminder, the current vaccine (circa 2020) is:
1) Out of date. The mRNA therapy was designed two years ago and has questionable scientific efficacy against COVID-19 as it exists today.
2) Time sensitive. It wears off like most other vaccines for corona-style viruses.
3) Is NOT recommended for children.
4) Is proving to be scientifically less effective than natural immunity.

Disclaimer to “dismissers”: We are pro-human, pro-vaccine, pro-natural immunity and pro-freedom. The first vaccine was a welcome, helpful aid. Can we move on now to upgraded vaccines that work better against an ever-changing disease? Why don’t we have newer, better and more effective vaccines? Have the drug companies and their political allies not profited enough from the first round? Every dollar they have made has come from federal debt assigned to the taxpayers. Don’t we have the right to ask for a better return on our life-long investment?

On Broadway, COVID survivors and those unable to take the vaccine are now second-class citizens. Welcome to the new Jim Crow, the new social “others,” the new minority class that can be discriminated against at will, because they will not or cannot take a vaccine which has little established medical value to them.

Why should the vaccinated Broadway elites care? If their vaccination is as powerful as they contend, it can surely protect them against people who are not sick, have natural immunities, and represent no greater transmission threat than the fully vaccinated. Of course, no children may attend the theater either, unless they are vaccinated in direct opposition to what science says is safe.

Imagine the scene of those in “bright” shirts checking the papers of theater goers. How long before only those with papers may buy groceries in NYC or ride the subway or take a cab or hold a job?

This is no longer about public health. This is the beginning of the new socialist order in America. It is about public conformity to group think. The vaccine passport or identity card is the key. Today it is based on a vaccine. Soon the criteria to be fully human and participate in society will be full submission to a national ID database. That technology will advance to control energy consumption, travel and health care access. Finally, the socialists will move to a social credit system that determines who may or may not be qualified to vote. (See David Eggers book, The Circle, or watch the movie of the same title.)

All this has happened before in Brave New World, 1984, That Hideous Strength and the totalitarian killing machines of the Socialists in Germany, China, and the USSR. This is what socialists do. They take away the rights of those who do not conform. Maybe someone should write a Broadway show about it.

For now we must tell the story on radio theater the same way the resistance did 70 years ago across Europe. Please (while you can) stay tuned to hear the stories of heroes from another era such as Corrie Ten Boom, Irena Sendler, Bonhoeffer, and Solzhenitsyn on The Public Square®. Now it is our turn to stand, together.

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Ephesians 6:13