After watching countless hours of the Democrat Presidential Debates there appears to be a similar pattern and tempo in the procedures. Yes, they last forever. Yes, sometimes the commercials are more interesting than the debates, especially Ron Reagan choosing to run commercial advertising for government enforced atheism. But at the half-way point of this journey one conclusion seems clear. According to the Democrats running for President, there is nothing the federal government cannot do.

In the old days, when the American form of government was built, there was a concept known as “self-government”. The idea was that individuals actually held the primary responsibility for governing themselves as free moral agents in society. The primary tasks of life were to start with personal responsibility then flow to families, communities, states and then finally and only if necessary, to the federal government. That is the basic construction schematic of the American enterprise.

Today both Democrats and many Republicans run for public office on a much different reality. Their play is to convince voters that America is the federal government and that there is nothing the government cannot do and sadly, nothing the government should be prohibited from attempting. This season’s crop of Democrat candidates would make Woodrow Wilson proud. After countless hours of wordplay, bantering, bullying, shaming and moralizing the Democrats have only mentioned the Declaration of Independence a few times. They have only talked about the Constitution as a living document to be modified by the political whims of the hour. And they have stopped at nothing in expanding the role of the Administrative State to solve everything that ails anyone living in America. Their platform boils down to a single sentence: There is nothing the federal government cannot do.