That appears to be what Joe Biden said from the podium after the first debate. “Thank you Chris, appreciate it.” The mics were off by the time Biden walked over to Wallace and the two exchanged further remarks.

The Trump-Biden-Wallace debate was a historic moment. Chris Wallace’s demeanor, questions and conduct were perhaps the high water mark for a generation of passive-aggressive “journalists” who have spent a lifetime looking down on the rest of America. Wallace’s questions were long, pejorative set-ups intended to set both candidates on edge. Wallace played the media “gotcha” game all night long. He walked into a smoldering conflict and poured gasoline on the fire.The questions and the consequences were “his and his alone.”

When the night was over nothing had changed. Chris Wallace was still the most visible man in the room. Joe Biden made sure to pay homage on the way out. Donald Trump did not.

Perhaps Wallace was set up. The Commission on Presidential Debates is a star chamber of elitists with the power to control the outcome of a Presidential election. The Commission, established in 1987, is operated and totally controlled by the Democrat and Republican Parties. For the past 32 years they have been the only game in town. Maybe Wallace was playing to an audience of one, that being the all-powerful Commission.

A few years ago, someone tried to break the Commission’s stranglehold over the electorate. In 2008, Rick Warren conducted the Saddleback Civil Forum on The Presidency. Both major candidates attended and participated in a collegial, non-partisan format without interruption or rancor. The Public Square hosted the national radio broadcast of that event. The independent Saddleback Forum was the most popular “debate” of that election season.

There was never another such event.

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