“It is not good for a person to be without knowledge and he who hurries his feet sins.” Proverbs 19:2

We love speed. Go fast or go home. “Move fast and break things” was the motto of Facebook in the early years. Is God faster than the speed of light or the speed of sound? Did the Creator not set the parameters on both?

America is on fire. People are freaking out all over the place. The temptation is to start running and not stop, to do something, anything to try to fix the mess we have created by repeating bad choices for the last 100 years. But fast feet and speedy reactions won’t fix this mess. The nation is on fire. It is time for people of faith to stop, drop and roll. It is time to repent for about a million things, thoughts and actions we have done. It is time to drop to our knees and surrender this mess to God. It is time to roll our cares upon Him and then ONLY rise from our knees when we have heard HIS clear instruction on how to do the right thing the right way. Then we will be in line with His will and power.

One or two elections won’t fix what is ailing us. No political party or new coalition of conservatism will win the day. This work of restoration begins in the hallows of each heart. We must surrender our lives again to the direction of the Holy Spirit of God. We must walk in the light of His wisdom alone. We can’t fix this our way. It has to be His.