John Podesta ran the Clinton White House. He ran the Obama White House. He ran the Hillary Clinton Campaign. He is the Founder of the Center for American Progress. CAP is a $50 million dollar D.C. policy/lobbying network funded by George Soros, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer and a host of American elite corporations, foundations and international interests.

CAP is the most influential, wealthy and connected network in American politics. They dominate the Democrat party and move into the White House every time the Democrats win the Presidency.

So it was completely predictable that Ron Klain would be named Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff. Mr. Klain serves on the Board of Directors of the CAP Action Fund which is the lobbying wing affiliated with and funded by CAP.

The Biden/CAP connection was never discussed during the campaign. The voters in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona most likely have never heard of CAP or its powerful influence over Washington, D.C.

But when they voted for Joe Biden they got the most radical progressives in the deal and right back into the White House.

Here is the baseline on CAP from Wikipedia – not an objective source but the one most used in America.

And here is a 2013 article from The Nation revealing the power curve of CAP.