Upon Further Review

UPDATE 9/28 4:48 pm: Local law enforcement in Montgomery County, Maryland has added more information regarding the statute of limitations on attempted rape in the state of Maryland.

The Maryland General Assembly changed the law in 1996 making attempted rape a felony. Prior to that time it was a misdemeanor with a one year statute of limitations. So it might well be that a court would require the old law to prevail as it was in effect in 1981 or whatever the exact time the alleged event occurred. This would make any criminal charge unenforceable.

One legal issue that has not changed however, is the fact that at the time of the alleged event, Mrs. Ford was supposedly 15 years of age and Mr. Kavanaugh supposedly 17 years of age. Since we don’t have an exact date of the event, these are the best guesstimates. In both cases the people involved were minors and subject to a different set of rules in Juvenile Court.

So the question is — how would the court prosecute an adult today under the rules of Juvenile Court back then?

In spite of all these twists and turns, the local authorities are still on the record as being open to an investigation on behalf of Mrs. Ford. To engage their help, she has to file a report. Something she still has not done.


This is not a fundraising attempt based on the Kavanaugh Confirmation debacle. It is a simple question for every thinking American.

She says she is 100% certain he did it. He says he is 100% certain he did not.

In a civil world, based on logic and the rule of law both cannot be true.

If he is lying, the courts are still open and the Senate Judiciary Committee has defined the alleged action as criminal.

If he is lying, and is found out, he will lose his job, his career and most importantly his reputation – forever.

If she is lying, the people who support her will support her no less. They will continue to herald her as a hero for telling “her truth.” She will suffer little if any consequence.

She asks for an FBI investigation but she has never to this hour filed a criminal report. Local law enforcement would be obligated to do a thorough criminal investigation. The FBI and the Senate could have full access to that public record.

If he is lying, he should be impeached immediately by the House, tried by the Senate, convicted and removed from the bench.

Somebody is lying. The question is: Will the U.S. Senate and the U.S. media settle for a political solution or will they pursue the truth to the end, no matter where the path may lead?

Here is a simple prayer we can all pray in earnest:

Dear Lord, by your mercy, please reveal the truth to America. Amen.

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