Which is the zanier story:

1) The CDC magically drops masks, or
2) Governor Mike DeWine decides by fiat to establish “Vax-a-Million” a new scheme to give away a one-million dollar prize every week to someone who gets a vaccine in Ohio.

The question may be rhetorical.

When elected officials start at the wrong place in dealing with a problem the answer seldom makes sense. When they refuse to show their work but create phony data to manipulate the debate, is it any wonder that honest, thinking people lose faith in such failed leadership? When they weaponize a tragic disease for political gain, should they be surprised that people simply quit listening?

In reality, state lawmakers are beginning to catch up to clown town. In Ohio, for example. legislation was passed and then supported over a Governor’s veto that stripped Mike Dewine from his dictatorial status regarding COVID. That legislation goes into effect on June 22. Little wonder, DeWine just announced he is lifting all COVID sanctions on June 2nd. He knew his own party was coming for him. So he dropped his mandates and started giving out million dollar prizes and college scholarships.

Cue the circus music. All that is left is the sideshow.