Did you watch the CBS interview on Sunday night? We did. The story is inescapable. But does that make it true? Furthermore, the lawyer for plaintiff Daniels claimed that his motivation in this matter is “righteous”. Here is the quote from the CBS transcript:

Anderson Cooper: In college and law school, you did opposition research for Democratic political operative Rahm Emanuel. Some people looking at that would say you’re politically motivated,

Michael Avenatti: I haven’t done anything in politics in over 20 years.

Anderson Cooper: But this is not the usual case you take on. You were a former Democratic operative. And you’re talking about deposing the president. That sounds political.

Michael Avenatti: No, it sounds righteous.

Anderson Cooper: How so?

Michael Avenatti: Because my client is credible. She’s tellin’ the truth.

This is the claim of the plaintiff. Here is the complete interview as aired on 60 minutes in case you missed it or would like to examine it in greater detail. It is graphic and not appropriate for all audiences.