People are listening across the nation. The call for a return to “ordered liberty” under the rule of law is being heard by people in their homes, people on the streets and now in a few key places, in the Legislative branch of government.

In Pennsylvania and Michigan lawmakers are standing up and calling for a serious limitation to the quarantine powers being used by Governors. Protestors are gathering in many states. In Ohio they are on the steps of the Statehouse everyday. They are rallying in Tennessee. In Celebration, Florida, police cars paraded through the streets with lights flashing to declare the end to mandatory mask laws and the people came out of their houses and applauded.

This is not anarchy. This is a rejection of the failed leadership of state governors across the nation and it is about an even greater failure of state lawmakers to STAND UP and do their jobs. In Michigan lawmakers are taking control of the “Quarantine Clock” away from the Governor and placing it back in control of the Legislature. This is a critical reform that is needed in every state. We have published a one page article with suggestions for state reforms of quarantine laws that can help build a pathway out of this crisis and prevent the next one. You can find that document right here and you can watch our latest policy briefing on the COVID crisis right here.

The way out of this mess is not from the White House or the Governor’s mansion. The way out is from all of our homes to the people’s House — the state Legislatures and the U.S. Congress. This is something “we the people” must do and quickly.