Every so often we just cannot absorb any more of the world’s insanity, right? Well that’s how I feel right now. I know I cannot stop the world and get off. But I have hit my saturation point (for now) when it comes to enduring an endless march of horrific news stories plus the daily grind of watching human ignorance and immorality. My mind and soul just needs a bath and a breather. So what do I do? For the next several days I will be reading some good stuff and listening to beautiful music. And I will be chainsawing some downed trees on my property.

For good books…I mostly like things that are ancient. So I am reading “On Loving God” by my friend Bernard of Clairvaux (I call him “Bernie”). He wrote in the 11th century. I’m also reading “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas a’ Kempis and “The Consolation of Philosophy” by Boethius. I really don’t care for fiction, but I’m reading “Don Quixote” to reinvigorate the ima gination. A.W. Tozer’s godly works round out the list. I read these books so that my love does not become jaded.

I am reading G.K. Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy”, “Everlasting Man”, and his bio of Thomas Aquinas…as a tonic to ward off the illogic of the culture that surrounds us and tries to inebriate us.

I am listening to good music…all the classical stuff: Elvis, Puccini, Mozart….in order to keep my heart singing and happy.

And lastly, I am outside in the woods with nature, vigorously chainsawing a mess and stacking up wood into nice little piles.

Good words, good music, good exercise. It heals the mind and soul.