A law is not repealed when it is left on the books and you reserve the right to utilize over 1100 provisions contained within that law. So can we please quit pretending. The current bill on Obamacare in the House is a “repair” bill. It does not repeal the law nor does it replace it with a new law. It cuts out some pieces and puts in new ones. The new ones are better than the old — perhaps — but the law is still on the books. Even worse, Step Number Two in the Ryan plan is to USE Obamacare’s illegitimate transfer of authority to the Department of Health and Human Services and send Dr. Tom Price into the law with “poison pills” that will negate certain undesireable regulations. This is truly clever but perhaps too clever by at least half. First it accepts the unconstitutional and illogical transfer of healthcare decisions to the federal bureaucracy. Second, if you live by Obamacare, you will die by it. When the Democrats get back into power, and they surely will, they can come right back and undo everything Dr. Price accomplished.

Finally, Speaker Ryan wants us to believe that the Senate which will not give him 60 votes to repeal Obamacare will give him 60 votes somewhere down road to pass major new changes to Obamacare. These are the changes Speaker Ryan claims will not fit in budget reconcilliation. Why not? The entire Obamacare law reached final approval on a simple majority vote via reconcilliation. So why not take the same law off the books the same way. Ryan claims it will not pass reconcilliation because of raising the deficit. Well, then add the “replacement” measures you have claimed for eight years will cost less.

The Republicans have passed several laws repealing and replacing Obamacare as recently as last year with unanimous Republican support. Why not do the same today? We have heard all the non-answers, Mr. Speaker. Now how about the truth?